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Playoff Hockey Pool

1st/2nd - Iron Bruce/
Jets Cup Run 164
$105 ea
3rd - Dog Gone Crazy/
Masked Marauder 163
$15 ea
5th - KMAC Killers 162
6th - Duth19 159
7th - Pens Again 153
8th - The Donkeys 152
9th/10th - Butch/ Insane Marauder 151

Hockey Bracket Pool
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1st - Vishus 287 $100
2nd - Icefox 285 $40
3rd - Killer Llamas 235
4th - The Giz 231
5th - Duth19 229
6th - Sooners 222
7th - Boyd Gang/ Pukk Hedd 179
9th - Habs Suck! 139
10th - Jets White Out 134

Hillsdale Slo-Pitch
Standings, Schedule, and Games Played Summary can be viewed on this site...
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