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Pool Info ($20 entry)
All poolies will start off with 1,000 "credits". Each week, poolies make picks by risking a certain number of "credits"
(eg: 100 on the Giants, 200 on the Packers, etc.)
Poolies can pick as many games as they wish...but MUST make at least ONE pick per week.
Poolies will receive double the credits risked for each correct pick vs given pt spread, and will lose the credits risked with a loss.
*** you are OUT of the pool if your "credit" total reaches zero!!!! (so...wager wisely!)
Poolie(s) with the most credits at the end of season wins!
To all poolies....
If you were to run out of "credits", everyone will be allowed 1 rebuy! For an additional $20, you can purchase another 1,000 credits...
(this can only be done ONCE each for the out a 2nd time, and you're gone!)

Deadline: Pick(s) are due before kick off of any game(s) you are wagering on
1st - $200/ 2nd - $80
(based on 14 entrants)
Credit Pool
...They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us opts to NOT use their rebuy...
...lots of "red" showing in Week 11, which is NOT a good sign!