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Sports Pools for (almost) all occasions!
ENTRY: $20
How it works...
Pick one team each week that you think will lose their game that week! Picks are made "straight up" (no point spread)
If your pick is correct, you will survive to pick again the next week. An incorrect pick (your team either wins or ties their game) eliminates you from the pool for the remainder of the season.
(failure to submit your pick on time ALSO eliminates you from pool!)
The Catch....You may NOT use the same team more than once!
Last poolie standing will win the pot! (should multiple poolies get eliminated last, pot will be shared by the group)
Pick is due before kick-off of the first game of the week (usually Thursday...)
$400 to last one(s) standing!
Owe entry fee's? Have a credit?
Visit POOL FUNDS page for all the details...
Questions? Concerns?
New idea's?
All are welcome!
Use Contact link to talk to The Commish...
Week # 6 games:

no's over!
News & Notes:
Big Tiny for the win!!! This ended a lot sooner than expected....but, there it is...