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Pool Info ($20 entry)
Each week, you will select one team (can't use same team more than once!) Points are earned by the margin of victory that your team has each week.
(eg. Your team wins earn 20 points!)
Should your team are NOT out of the simply will have the margin of the loss deducted from your total.
(eg. your team loses lose 3 points for that week) Largest total(s) at the end of regular season wins!
You are OUT of the pool ONLY if you fail to submit a pick on any given week!

Deadline: Pick is due before kick-off of the first game of the week (usually Thursday...)
Prizes: 1st - $225/ 2nd - $110/ 3rd - $65

Please be reminded that picks for this pool are due BEFORE Thursday they can all be posted here...
It MAY be an unfair advantage to submit picks later...even if you are NOT using Thursday nite game as your pick....

Margin Pool
...Saints clobbering of the Eagles has the standings go topsy turvy!
Week 11 games:
GB @ Sea
Car @ Det
Dal @ Atl
Cin @ Bal
Ten @ Ind
Hou @ Was
Pit @ Jax
Phi @ NO
Den @ LAC
Oak @ Ari
Min @ Chi
(in Mexico City)

BYES: Buf/ Cle/ Mia/ NE/ NYJ/ SF