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Pool Info ($5/ week entry)
As usual, you'll pick winners of all games...with no point spread! You will ALSO apply a "weight" to each pick, from 1 to 16 (with a full slate of games.)
Weight numbers will change during "bye" weeks
You will be awarded the number of points you applied, for each correct pick!
You CANNOT use the same "weight number" more than once! must predict the TOTAL SCORE of the Monday niter...which will be used as a tiebreaker.

Deadline: Pick(s) are due before kick off of first game of the week...usually Thursday night
Prizes: 1st - $250/ 2nd - $150/ 3rd - $100
PLUS $50 to weekly winner!
(based on 16 entrants)
Winners Only Pool
News/ Notes
...Butch saves face in at least one pool, with a the final Weekly Win o' the season! EX Ray is the Overall champion...while Packer Backer and No Guts, No Glory both win more cash, finishing 2nd & 3rd respectively...
Nice little year they put together.... Alladin Sane Award for KMAC Killers in this pool, but the bright side is...there's nowhere to go but up!