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Sports Pools for (almost) all occasions!

Sadly, another football season has come to an end...thanks to all who participated in this year's pools, and congrat's to all pool winners!
If you owe entry...please pay ASAP, so I can pay the winners!
Only thing to look forward to now is the nearly-world-famous
Hockey Playoff Pool...coming in April...
For those not into hockey...hope to see you all in September!

Playoff Football Pool:
1st - EX Ray 525 $500
2nd - Dans Dinks 470 $250
3rd - Roxy Roller 415 $150
4th - Weiner 410 $90
5th - JYD 405

Ranking Pool:
1st - Weiner 91 $250
2nd - Pats SB Run '18 89 $150
3rd - Vishus 88 (49) $50
4th - No Guts, No Glory 88 (48)
5th - EX Ray 85

Super Bowl Squares winners:
1st Q - OLDSOBS $50
Half - Sureshot Oldershaw $100
3rd Q - Stengun Stevenson $50
Final - TNT $200
Rev. Final - KMAC Killers $100

Prop Pool leaders:
1st - Showtime 56 $200
2nd - Pete S./ Fly Eagles Fly 53
3rd - Sing It Loud/ Dans Dinks/ Fast Eddy 50
4th - The Wild One 47
5th - Big Hoody/ Dragonslayer/ 52 Lucky 45
The all-time classic! Not for the faint of heart...
As the name suggests...no point spreads!
Pick 1 team each week...for margin of victory...
Wager your credits on at least 1 game each week
Pick 1 team to lose each week...no point spread!
Pick 1 team to win each week...no point spread!
Another all-time classic. Fewer games though...
Rank all playoff teams...
Answer a series of Prop questions...
Match quarterly scores of Super Bowl
Pick 1 player from EACH playoff team...
Match time of the last goal "seconds"...
Owe entry fee's? Have a credit?
Visit POOL FUNDS page for all the details...
Questions? Concerns?
New idea's?
All are welcome!
Use Contact link to talk to The Commish...
To view Standings/ Schedule and Games Played summary...