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Entry = $5/ square
Winners in this pool need to match the last digit of score after REGULATION TIME of EACH game of Stanley Cup finals!

Numbers for each row/ column are drawn at random (and RE-DRAWN after EACH game, so you would possibly have a different set of numbers for each game!)...only after all squares are filled!
Where the corresponding row and column intersect will determine each winner

Deadline: Select square(s) before 1st game of Stanley Cup finals...

$50 for each game...
Balance of the pot paid to winner of LAST game of series!

Example, assuming ALL squares are filled...
Finals go the full 7 games...1st 6 games, winner gets $50 each game...last game winner would win $200.
If Finals are a sweep...1st 3 games, winner gets $50...last game winner would win $350!
Prizes will be adjusted if all squares are not filled!

Stanley Squares Pool
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